After over two years planning and training, we’re going to get the weather windoow to get this done.
The support creww are itching to get out there, I’m restless for the flag to drop.

Lets go for it.

The training has been good apart from 5 weeks in the winter with a rotten cold, so we just to go for a 400 mile ride now before anybody else has a pop at it…..

I’d like to share a little ditty that has kept me focused through the winter .

Perhaps I am stark crazy, but there’s none of you too sane,
It’s just a little matter of degree.
My hobby is to ride my bike, its fortressed in my brain:
It’s life and love and wife and home to me.
And I’ll do it, yes, I’ll do it; I’ve a hunch I cannot fail;
I’ve a vision, I’ve a prompting, I’ve a call;
I hear the hoarse stampeding of an army on my tail,
To the best and biggest bikeride of them all.

Singletrack forum should run some updates, as will our club website

I’m off to ride my bike for the weekend.

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